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The Winemaking

All grapes for Jabber are hand selected. After arriving at the winery, our Sauvignon Blanc grapes pass through a “de-stemming” process and from there, to stainless steel vats.
There they macerate together with their skins for 6 to 8 hours and then finally on to the pneumatic press. The fermentation process continues in a chilled environment while awaiting bottling.
The objective of this project was to implement modern winemaking techniques to reflect the terrior which is Casablanca. Selecting hand-picked Sauvignon Blanc grapes from three Single Vineyards, JABBER was born.

The Wine

“I sold the name my parents gave me, so now Im stuck with Jabber, a nickname from close Friends”

Winemaker: Kim Crawford
D.O. Casablanca Chile
Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage 2023

Hidden among the hills of the Central Valley of Chile, Casablanca receives a constant influx of a cool ocean breeze from the nearby Pacific Ocean.
Combined with a unique minerality, fresh crispness and acidity, JABBER is a great example of the quality and expressions of the Casablanca Valley.
Vineyard characteristics: granitic soils, red clays, black vines, slopes, low zones with three microclimates within the sub valleys.

Jabber The Winemaker The Blend Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Kim Crawford’s work in Chile brings a level of acknowledgement long overdue for Chilean sauvignon blanc. His work in the Casablanca Valley has shone a professional light on this long lauded cool climate region ideally suited to sauvignon blanc but virtually ignored by most wine retailers in the western world. Crawford takes full advantage of the granitic soils, red clays, black chalk, slopes, and three microclimates within Casablanca to craft this delicious bright, zippy, citrus powered sauvignon with a tight mineral, reductive note. A fine example of what can be done in Casablanca Valley. Ready to drink with mussels or clams.

Jabber The Winemaker
Sauvignon Blanc 2022

The Team

Jabber Winemaker

Paula Jaramillo

Deborah Mogelberg

Iñigo Undurraga

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